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30th November 2014

5:21pm: I'm so tired of this bullshit. It's a complete farce. It's nothing more than a beautiful way for the liberal machine to take attention away from the fact that Obama and the Democrats are a huge failure. It's less than a month ago that Americans voted against Obama by voting for Republicans and the tea party. Liberals took this thing and ran with it because you certainly aren't hearing about the elections anymore are you? Most of these so called protesters are liberals pushing their own agenda. Check out the "protest" signs which have website addresses at the bottom pushing their various agendas. It's disgusting. Brown was a criminal. He was wanted for robbery. He stole from a store and threw the store owner around like a rag doll. He physically assaulted a police officer until he had no choice but to save his life and the lives of those around him. Brown had no regard for human life. He had no regard for someone's property. Their life. Their well being. He was high on drugs. He was not an innocent angel. This was not like the Trayvon Martin situation. HE was murdered. Brown was a criminal who died as a result of his own actions. If these "protests" had taken place after the Martin situation, it would make sense. This does not make sense at all. I'm so tired of idiot liberals acting like this guy was a saint and that Wilson is a murderer. Wilson did nothing wrong which is why he was not charged with a crime. It's sickening that people praising a criminal and condemning a man for simply doing his job. The man who did nothing wrong now had to quit his job and go into hiding. It's insanity. These "protesters" should be asking themselves why black people are killing each other every damn day in cities like Chicago. Where is the outrage there? There was an unarmed white man in Utah killed by a black cop. no outrage there. It's sad that people can't see that they are being used. You're nothing more than a tool for the liberals. Liberals want to keep racial issues alive. They want division. They want outrage. They thrive on it. They're afraid of losing the black vote because Obama is kissing ass with this immigration deal which is not popular with anyone black or white so liberals are using this mess to pander to black people. They're thinking about 2016. They don't care about black people or Mexicans. They only care about themselves. Every damn city in the united states that is controlled by Democrats has high crime. Black on black crime. High rates of black unemployment. Those are facts. Just try to blame that on conservatives. These idiots keep voting the same people back in who do nothing to help change their lives. Wise up. Get informed. Get educated. Stop letting liberals use you.

16th March 2014

12:39pm: tell again how no one attacks Christianity
Liberals are so insane. All sane people know that Christians are the ones being attacked. No one attacks Muslims. They do the attacking.


Officials say Fulani Muslim herders attacked three Christian villages and killed more than 100 civilians. Hundreds of thatched-roof huts were set ablaze.

Thousands have been killed in recent years in competition for land and water between mainly Muslim Fulani herdsmen and Christian farmers across Nigeria's Middle Belt. More than 100 people were killed in similar attacks in neighboring Katsina state last week.

Chenshyi village chief Nuhu Moses said Sunday that gunmen killed more than 50 people including the pastor's wife and children. He said the entire village in the southern part of Kaduna state was destroyed.

Local government acting chairman Daniel Anyip said about 100 people were killed in attacks on three villages Friday night.

The Southern Kaduna Indigenes Progressive Forum blamed the government for failing to take action.

16th February 2014

1:56am: liberal idiots again
The idiot liberals are once again blaming the white guy for everything because one lunatic decided to shoot at some kids in car and killed one of them. He's a murderer. Obviously. The liberal media is trying to make it a racial thing and blow it up like they did with Trayvon Martin. Forget the fact that young black males are killing each other every day across the country with guns. The media never talks about that because they can't blame white people. They also never talk about the knockout game where young black males try to knock out white people with one punch in violent attacks. This has happened across the country also. You think msnbc or cnn reports on it? Hell no. If they can't blame it on white people they don't report in it.

23rd December 2013

2:54am: Conservative Christians are still the majority in this country. We are tired of being terrorized by the minority. We will no longer put up with it. Liberals in the media have been trying to stifle us for years but we aren't going to take it anymore. First they try to take away any mentions of the word Christmas in public places including schools. No more Merry Christmas. It's happy holidays. Ugh that kills me. What holiday is it? Christmas. We get time off of work and school for Christmas. The liberals next target was Chick-fil-a. How well did that go for you? LOL Then they attacked poor Paula Deen. Next on their list was Duck Dynasty. That was the last straw for conservatives. No more. It isn't about a TV show. It's about everything we love being attacked or taken away from us simply because they don't like it. No more. We're done. We're fighting back. I have only watched one episode of Duck Dynasty. I found it to be boring. I do support this family %100 on this issue. Phil said absolutely nothing wrong. God forbid a man be Christian in this country and not be afraid to let it show. Look what the anti Christian NFL did to Tim Tebow. He did better than Peyton Manning his first year in Denver yet he's unemployed. We all know Peyton is Christian and conservative too he's just too terrified to let it show. I only hope that we all go out in vote in the next Presidential election. We all know the libs will continue to allow illegals to vote, but if we all vote we will still out number them. Libs will not be getting support from the young vote again. How well did that turn out for you dumbasses? Haha I love being right. How's that Obamacare working for you? Are you morons enjoying your higher student loan rates? How about the women who work for Obama? Still making less than the men who work for Obama. Idiots!
2:35am: Hypocrites
I love how the same liberals who were outraged about the whole chick-fil-a thing, are now claiming that A&E is a private company and can do whatever they like. lmao I can't with these people. They have such short memories.

19th December 2013

2:02am: liberals strike again

Liberals sicken me. Liberals like Alec Baldwin can say the most hateful, vile things about gay people and get away with it yet this man can't express his views without being attacked. Talk about hypocrisy. Liberals preach tolerance but they don't practice it. Liberals are so damn terrified of anyone with a different view. It's actually hilarious. Most people probably agree with Phil. The voters certainly do. They vote against gay marriage every chance they get. I don't give a shit who gets married, just making a point. A&E is fucking retarded to even think that viewers or the family will stand for this bullshit. I hope the family walks away from the show and goes to another network. A&E will crash and burn without this family. I am so sick of the liberal media trying to destroy anyone who doesn't share their views. It's time for the normal people of this country to take a stand and say we're tired of it. Don't like the man? DON'T WATCH THE FUCKING SHOW! This is America. Even under Obama we still have free speech. This ordeal is going to show just how out of touch with reality you liberals are.

14th July 2013

1:04am: Idiots as usual
I can't stand idiots who are trying to calls G. Zimmerman White or White Hispanic. Dude's Mom is Mexican. He looks Mexican. Why is he not called Mexican by the liberal media? They call Obama black but he is half white. They try to make everything about race to blame the white man for everything. It's so ridiculous already. I fucking hate Zimmerman. He's a murderer. His race has nothing to do with it but it does annoy to see so many ignorant people trying to blame this on white people. White privilege really gets me. What is that exactly? We don't get scholarships or jobs based on our race. We can't cry racism whenever something doesn't go our way. People need to think before they act. Take responsibility for their own actions. Do you people realize that black people are killing each other every damn day in Chicago? Gun violence. Black on black crime. ILLEGAL guns. Not legal guns. This is a real problem. Stop making everything about race. Or guns. Zimmerman was a sicko who got away with murdering a kid. It had nothing to do with race.

4th May 2010

12:11pm: Americans want immigration reform

The majority of Americans support the Arizona law.

23rd March 2010

12:55pm: yay! Lets celebrate!
Isn't Obama amazing? This is the "change" everyone was waiting for, right?

The health care reform bill:

1. Contains no Public Option
2. Forces ALL US Citizens to buy Insurance from Private FOR-PROFIT Companies.
3. Hands enforcement of Health Insurance to the IRS
4. Government takeover of Student Loans

31st December 2009

1:19am: How many times does the U.S. have to be attacked by terrorists before Obama will acknowledge it? The army recruiting center shooting, Fort Hood and now the airplane to Detroit. Three times we've been attacked and he's said nothing. Ok, that isn't true. It took him four days to speak out about the plane but he called it an isolated incident. What a crock!
Current Mood: aggravated

6th July 2009

2:03am: mj
I am so sick of hearing about this pedo. He is dead. The entire world hated his freaky, pedo guts until he dropped dead. I cannot stand phony people who pretend to love someone because they died and it's the cool thing to do. His music was good, no one is denying that. He was a freak and pedo. Everyone would bash him whenever his name was mentioned regarding his upcoming concerts. He's dead and suddenly everyone is a fan? Give me a break! I can't wait until this crap is over with. I am so sick of hearing about it already.
Current Mood: aggravated

5th November 2008

1:07am: Americans are idiots
I can't believe how stupid Americans are. They say they want the economy to improve so they vote for someone who had a direct hand in contributing to the demise of the economy. The only good things that will come of this will be that the dumbass liberals won't be able to blame anyone but themselves for the messes that they will create. I guess Americans really are uninformed... The economy has been suffering since the Democrats got control so they give the Democrats complete control. I hate stupid people.
Current Mood: blah

9th October 2008

1:18am: so sick of it
I'm so over this election already. I'm tired of the liberal media bashing McCain and Palin on a daily basis. I'm tired of listening to how wonderful Obama is. I cannot understand how anyone could support someone who has attended a racist, Anti-American church for over 20 years. How can anyone support a person who has ties to known terrorists? How can anyone support someone who has no experience? It drives me crazy. It feels good to know that no matter what the psycho left says, the majority of Americans don't buy into their crap. I just hope that the sane people turn out on election day. The only way Obama can win is if there is record black voting turnout and low numbers overall. Talk about racist.. I can't stand the people who are voting for Obama soley because he's black. If Obama does get elected, it will be funny to see how the media handles his screw ups. This country will go down the toliet. The economy has already tanked since the Democrats have been in control. I have faith that most Americans are aware of this also. I just wish election day would come already because I can't stand hearing anymore of this crap from the left.
Current Mood: annoyed

22nd April 2008

7:24pm: green
I hope I never heard the word green again. Or the term carbon footprint. Or global warming. I am so sick of that crap. Yes, I love the Earth. No, I am not going pay 10 times more "green" products to "save the Earth". I can't stand people who act like they feel guilty for breathing or simply existing. There is nothing wrong with loving the Earth, but some people go too far. Celebrities are the worst of course. They live in huge mansions and jet around the world, burning up fuel and polluting the environment but that's ok because they live in energy efficient homes and drive environmentally friendly cars. Give me a break!
Current Mood: annoyed

9th January 2008

11:27pm: update for my fans(politics)
They know who they are. ;) Sometimes I really hate politics. I get tired of the mud slinging from both sides. I hate all of this hoopla surrounding the election. There is no reason to get worked up about it now. The numbers/polls don't mean crap. They're always wrong. I consider myself a Republican because most of my views are what people would describe as Republican. I don't agree with all conservative views. I have nothing against gay marriage. I think it should be legal. I don't understand why people care what other people do with their personal lives. I am very anti abortion but I don't feel like getting into that now. I'm pro guns. We don't need more gun laws. Illegal immigration is the most important issue to me because it actually affects my life. I will probably vote for the candidate who promises to crack down on illegals. yeah, that's enough for now. Maybe I'll update this again soon or maybe it will take another year. lol

13th February 2006

1:47am: Liberals(The Cheney hunting accident)
The liberals are at it again. Every liberal rag has the "breaking news" about Dick Cheney accidentally shooting a man while he was hunting. I can understand mentioning the story, but it's not something that should be on the front pages. It's not a big deal. Hunting accidents are common. It's a good thing they were hunting quail or else that guy might have been worse off. Liberals use anything they can these days to bash conservatives. Liberals are actually more obnoxious when they're not in power.
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